How To Get Followers On Instagram

This is a simple and quick guide to learn how to get followers on Instagram using Addpost.

Let’s go!

1. Login or Sign Up, you have a free 7-day trial

2. Add your account, using your Instagram username and password. We do not save these data. If you manage third party accounts, we recommend using a proxy from the country where the account was created.

How to get followers on Instagram - Add account

3. Go to the Autofollow section and choose the Instagram account to get followers.

How to get followers on Instagram - Autofollow

4. Set the filter criteria you want to get real followers. Avoid unreal behaviour by choosing the right speed and timetables. Don’t forget to set Active status and Save changes.

How to get followers on Instagram - Filters

That’s all!

Every hour your Instagram account will follow new accounts guide by your filter criteria to get new followers.

You can also set up Autounfollow to remove followers who have not followed back.